Quilts to Love

Spring IS in the air here in SC. Daffodils are “springing up” throughout the yard and various surprising places each year. Who planted them? I have no idea, but such a Gift to our thirsty hearts each February and March. Yellow: a happy color!! Welcome to my quilting adventure and blog. I will share ideas and just the Love of Quilting with you.

This is what I do, this is who I am……4 years ago!

You know how life goes at times, with surprises and challenges. Well, that was me 3 years ago. Figuring out what was happening to my energy and ability to keep going. It took about 18 month, but we finally found out the diagnosis. In the meantime, I had pain in my hips and legs that was like NO other and my ability to walk was challenged to the degree I needed a walker in my home and a wheelchair to go distances. I feel without any warning. My knees would give way. Answers NEVER come soon enough, do they? But, with time and searching and waiting for appointments for Doctors and tests, my wonderful Neurologist narrowed it down to a virus that attacked my immune system. Being diabetic 2 I was susceptible and vulnerable for diseases. I was pre diabetic for a long long time, but this attack took me to a level I never wanted to see happen. I did not have MS or cancers. All that was a blessing. 3 years later I have hair that has grown out almost to my waist. A surprise that I like it and braid it now! I could not sit long enough in a Hair dressers chair, so I kept care of it at home. I am on medications that help control my symptoms and burning and pain. The pain does not require medication now but the burning is still there and the damaged nerves and muscles in my thighs and legs are also still there. I have more stamina now. I cook and clean and enjoy sewing again. My ability to walk far is still challenged and I wash out quickly with exercise; but as the little Train Engine always said I believe in. I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN…..THEREFORE, THIS GAL TRIES AND DOES!!! With a joyfilled heart and a husband who is a saint in my book for all the care he has given me…all the waiting in Dr’s rooms…..all the wonderful massages to my legs and hips……I can never say Thank you enough to Him and my Lord…….So, here we are…..I am to begin my journey in Quilting……again….a bit slower this time. My old blog is inthesewingbasket.blogspot.com. It has my quilt journey, mainly made in Plymouth Indiana but it does have some SC joy too!!!….

My Grandgal’s Maddie’s Graduation Quilt I am now binding.
My Grandgals’s Ellie’s Graduation Quilt I am also now binding.

I am binding these quilts with Praire Points and really like the results. Will share before they are sent to Ohio. A little late due to my disease but made in love just the same, slow way now!!

May God Richly touch your life today. Quilted Blessings and thanks for stopping by! Kari, (my quilting name)